About Us

Sabzi Box is simply the name of our service which provides fresh, organic produce such as fruits, vegetables and a varying assortment of herbs and spices.

We take great care of the environment in which the products are being harvested in, as we are aware of the controversy about the use of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals used for crops, resulting in premature growth. There are also notable measures that we take for the soil, the seed, fresh water, sunshine and overall health of our crops. Before packaging the products away, our team of experts make sure of its wellness, so when you receive your order, the products are at utmost freshness and the symbol of healthiness.

Along with that, we are linked with the same sources who provide for 5 star hotels, high quality restaurants and other reputable companies and food brands, but whereas their prices are high, we are quite affordable and are not deceitful when it comes to what we say and what we serve.

We offer doorstep deliverance and have a free return/exchange policy, keeping our customers at a high level of convenience. Do stop by our stores, you won’t leave disappointed.